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NoteTaker 4.1 Status

We have completed our final internal testing work with NoteTaker 4.1 and are now preparing to submit to the App Store for review this week. The process is unpredictable so we could pass quickly or there might be issues that require additional work on our end. We always do our best to anticipate these issues but given the complexity of supporting multiple versions of macOS, we simply can't know everything ahead of time. Wish us luck!

It should be noted that NoteTaker 4.1 supports the following macOS versions: High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina. Previously we supported four different versions but we have to move on and leverage the resources we have as best as possible. We salute and say goodbye to Sierra support.

What to expect from 4.1? It's a maintenance and performance release with some enhanced capabilities as the result of building a new approach to indexing content. The Index section feature is faster, more robust and now supports exact phrase queries. Additionally, we have added Boolean searches as noted in the updated 4.1 documentation when using the Highlight and Summarize command.

Other hidden improvements have been made to set the stage for re-launching NoteShare which has been our flagship notebook sharing solution with P2P collaboration as well as server hosted access. We don't have an exact timeline yet for releasing NoteShare but NoteTaker 4.1 is NoteShare compatible out of the box.

On a sober closing note, we continue to live in the shadow of the global pandemic that is causing worldwide death and tragedy. In some small way, we hope that NoteTaker is helping to play a role however insignificant in the search for solutions and ideas to protect us from COVID-19 disease, today and in the future.

And as always, we thank you for your support, your business and your time. Be safe, be smart and always be kind.

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