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Update on Development Status

This is a long overdue update as we are working hard to get the next version out the door and into your hands by end of March.

Our current focus has been on re-working some key APIs and libraries that Apple has decided to end support for albeit a bit abruptly from our point of view. We've used these APIs since day one when NoteTaker was first introduced (from way back in 2002). If you've been a user from the first Mac OS X versions to macOS (Catalina) of today then you also know how much change has taken place on the surface but also many changes underneath the hood of the operating system and libraries that we use. As developers we do our best to keep up with Apple's changes but it's not always a smooth or quick hand-off to update and change.

As a result, the workload has been considerable but we are now closer to our own internal testing cycle of version 4.1.0 then we'll begin the work towards review and approval by the App Store team.

This is not a feature release but a critical technical release for enabling future features and enhancements. Thank you for your continued support and patience. We appreciate your business and your time.

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