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Status on next update

We're already focused on the next update to NoteTaker 4. We're fixing issues with macOS Catalina while addressing specific issues that users have reported recently. We count on your feedback and detailed bug reports to help us improve our software. With each new update, NoteTaker gets even more robust and resilient.

I personally use NoteTaker 4 daily and it's my notepad companion as I outline customer service requests, handle bug reports and write journal notes and observations. For me, Notetaker is my second brain. In other words, we're customers too. We count on it daily. We care about how the software works and we make every effort to respond promptly to answer your questions as best possible. Customer service is a feature of using our software. That said, software is never bug free but with your help and support, we can make it even better. And thank you again for all the reviews and ratings on the App Store. The reviews help us tell our story in your words.

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