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Testing Update - Version 20 arrives for the Holidays

(NOTE: I originally wrote this on December 25th but the message is still the same.) As the year comes to a close, we're making solid progress on our internal testing efforts. The latest internal version 20 fixes a number of crash issues we previously caught but also increases our confidence in the overall stability of the new software. We're starting to work on the updated documentation for the user's guide which is a good milestone for measuring our confidence in finishing the 4.0 software. It means that our "show-stopper" bug count is going down although we realize that we will be doing future beta testing with a limited number of users to further exercise exceptions and areas where we might not have tested every edge case.

Without committing yet to an exact date, we are planning for a March shipping release in 2018. More details will follow in January as we prioritize testing needs. As always, we appreciate your support and your patience as we continue to get closer to releasing new software.

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