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A Big Thank You

We really appreciate reading your email messages of encouragement as well as your kind thoughts regarding our revitalized development efforts. Every internal version so far has brought new insights as well as a handful of annoying bugs and issues to be resolved. Thankfully we have years of experience bug tracking, making fixes while also dealing with Apple's many changes especially with the way MacOS security and sandboxing work for protecting users from malware. We are currently testing Version 18 of both NoteTaker 4 and NoteShare 4.

Since we are blogging again, I have had many an occasion to reflect upon our past design decisions, the evolving product roadmap and the choice of key functionality. It's no surprise then that the "web" or rather the "Internet" has played a critical role in the origin of NoteTaker's core feature set. The idea of clipping information from other sources to a personal notebook is both subtle and sublime. But even clipping is not as elegant as having an embedded direct web search access inside any notebook page.

Our built-in web search tool is one of my favorite features. From the notebook Toolbar, you enter your search term(s) and your default web search engine (set from Preferences) automagically performs the search in the background then displays a new outline entry on the notebook page displaying the search results. It was novel when we first introduced the web search feature years ago and today it still feels just as fresh and powerful as ever.

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