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Development and Testing Continue

If you're keeping count of our internal version releases, we are currently working on number 12. So far, very stable overall but again, if you like to compute complexity, we have a large number of combinations of menu commands and operations to test and regression test. That's what software developers do a lot of; test, fix bugs then test again to make sure the bug fix didn't cause a new bug or cause an old bug to reappear. It's why we call it the software release cycle.

We would like to thank everyone who has subscribed to the site so far and also to those of you who have reached out directly with e-mail messages of encouragement and support. We really appreciate your kind words of support and we're humbled by your attention.

And to this point, we want to re-state that we're working exclusively on the desktop versions of both NoteTaker and NoteShare for MacOS. There are no immediate development plans to support iOS-based notebook editing but as we have said in the past; if the user demand and advance funding are ever in place then we'll make an official announcement.

Next month, we'll begin to post FAQs about the new versions and what to expect when. Our target for release is by end of this year and so far there is no indication that we won't achieve our goal. If you would like to reach me directly, send your e-mail to rscolove at gmail dot com.

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