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Internal Testing Update

We're busy working on the latest version of NoteTaker 4 and NoteShare 4 which are now in internal testing. Just to keep perspective on our efforts, this has been a long and difficult endeavor to bring our code base in sync with all the numerous changes that Apple's been making to MacOS (OS X sounds better to me) over the past years (some reasonable, some frustrating and some puzzling). In short, we're creating a more solid foundation for future versions of our products if the demand continues to be there to fund the effort.

And finally, this is truly an "under the hood" version that will allow us to make improvements in more visible ways as we move forward. It sounds cliche but a lot of deprecated code and features had to be removed or changed to get us on a solid foundation.

If testing continues to go well, we hope to launch NoteTaker 4 and NoteShare 4 by the end of this year. They will be simpler, faster, 64-bit, and with a familiar but cleaner UI. We promise to communicate here once a month to give you a progress report on the software. Right now, I can crash it in a few commands which is frustrating but better we find the big bugs before users do.

Right now, we haven't activated our AquaMinds mailboxes but you can reach me at rscolove at gmail dot com if you have any questions or you just want to re-connect to say hello. As many of you know firsthand, we've always considered technical support conversations (email) to be a feature of our products. There is no way Elon Musk's AI apocalypse will ever replace great customer support and friendships. At least for now.

All the best,


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