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Privacy Policy Overview

AquaMinds Software applications do not use or collect user generated data or monitor any transactional data and any personal data such as location or a user's device ID.  All products described are designed and sold as personal productivity tools for individual use on Apple desktop and laptop computers running a compatible macOS software version as specified. 


AquaMinds Software's website does not collect personal data from users. The website provides an opt-in subscription email list for receiving notifications of product announcements such as important software updates and revisions.  Personal names, addresses or other private user data are never requested and never collected for any purpose unless subscribing to opt-in notifications.


The AquaMinds Software website is hosted by which uses cookies to measure overall hosting performance and visitor traffic. Our site currently uses Google Analytics which uses cookies to collect web analytics to help us enhance and improve the usability and value of our specific site design and page content.   We do not sell or share any analytics information generated from our web site on the platform. 


Technical support is provided as an opt-in only, email-based service and at the discretion of the user to provide information as needed to resolve or research a product issue. 


The Privacy Policy is actively reviewed and maintained to be current as stated on this page.  Any changes to these policies will be updated here first and notification will be published on the company's home and blog web pages.  Email subscribers will be notified as well.  


Questions and inquiries about AquaMinds Software's privacy policy should be sent to     


Updated December 2020. 

Privacy Statement Details 

AquaMinds Software is a US-based, privately-owned software company with a business address located at 2096 Louis Road, Palo Alto, California 94303 - United States. 


NoteTaker 4 is a software application sold and electronically downloadable, exclusively from Apple's App Store. Specifically, NoteTaker 4 is a macOS desktop productivity application and DOES NOT use, collect or request the user's private data, the user's device information or the user's data at any time.  It is intended solely for the private use of customers who have purchased and downloaded a licensed NoteTaker 4 version from Apple's App Store for their compatible Apple macOS devices. 


If the NoteTaker 4 software crashes or creates a crash event, users are prompted by Apple's macOS opt-in crash reporting system.  Any NoteTaker application crash reporting to Apple is a user opt-in only service that is governed by Apple's privacy policy with respect to the user's device information. 


NoteTaker 4 notebook files are compatible with Apple's iCloud Drive services.  The use of Apple's iCloud Drive for managing NoteTaker 4 notebook files is solely dependent upon end-user opt-in and agreement with Apple's terms of service and use of the iCloud Drive services.  Authorization and use of iCloud Drive Services is solely provided by Apple under their terms of service and privacy policies.  


NoteTaker 4 technical support is provided at no charge via opt-in email communications at  Any personal information provided by the user to submit a bug report or product feedback is at the discretion of the user and is never requested or solicited by AquaMinds Software.  


The AquaMinds Software website provides an opt-in only,  email-based subscription list for notification purposes.  No other personal information is requested or stored by AquaMinds Software.  Subscribers may un-subscribe by sending an email and requesting that the email address be removed by contacting AquaMinds at  The opt-in mailing list is a privately maintained list that is not provided in any form outside of AquaMinds or offered for re-use or resale to any third party.  


The AquaMinds Software website is hosted on the platform and uses a website analytics service from Google for anonymously measuring page visits and site search statistics for improving the usability of the website.  No other web traffic data is collected or analyzed.  There is no user identity information tracked, used or stored by the AquaMinds Software web site.  Cookies are used by and Google Analytics as noted. 


AquaMinds Software privacy practices recognize and comply with all relevant personal privacy requirements with respect to country, region and state requirements.  


Users can inquire concerning any privacy matters with the use of NoteTaker 4 or with the use of this website by contacting AquaMinds Software at 


Written inquiries can be sent via postal service to AquaMinds Software Corporation, 2096 Louis Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303 

Updated December 2020. 

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