Frequently Asked Questions


When will NoteTaker 4 be available?

NoteTaker 4 is now shipping and available for purchase from the App Store.

What versions of macOS are supported with this version?

NoteTaker 4 is supported on the following macOS versions:
• macOS High Sierra (10.13.x) or higher (including Mojave and Catalina) • NoteTaker 4 is fully 64-bit, Mojave and Catalina compatible

Are there mobile versions of your new software being planned?

Not at this time. However, depending upon our user community support, we will consider a mobile version if the user demand is large enough to fund the development.

Does your new software support iCloud Drive?

Yes. You can save and open notebooks using iCloud Drive. Additionally, you can synchronize your work with other NoteTaker 4 users by sharing notebooks from your iCloud Drive account.

Does the new software open notebooks created with previous versions?

Yes. And in most cases, you will be prompted by NoteTaker 4 to covert to an updated version of the notebook file format. It is a one-direction operation. Back-up your older notebooks if possible and store on a separate storage device before converting to NoteTaker 4.

Does your software import OPML or RTFD?

The Import command from the File menu allows NoteTaker 4 users to import content using several file formats. For example, OPML (outline processor mark-up language) is supported but in our experience, OPML export quality varies from developer to developer. If you're migrating from another application, then try importing OPML first otherwise try any application-centric XML format that is provided. In general, NoteTaker 4 imports PDF, RTF/RTFD, OPML and XML-based formats. Formatting information from the source file may not be supported when importing to our software.

How do I purchase NoteTaker 4?

Our macOS software products are available on Apple's App Store. To purchase NoteTaker 4 for macOS (Sierra or higher), click the badge below

How do I report a bug or send feedback about your products?

Please email any bug report or product feedback to and we'll reply within 2 to 3 business days if not sooner. Customer service is provided at no additional charge but only via e-mail. We recommend using QuickTime Player to capture and record your screen when documenting a repeatable crash or unexpected behavior. We can only investigate and fix when a bug is reproducible and verifiable.

Does the license allow me to use your software on all my Mac systems?

You are allowed to run our latest software on as many systems as you own that are running a compatible version of Apple's macOS as documented.

Which languages are supported by localization?

Six languages are currently supported in NoteTaker 4. They are English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese and Spanish.

Can NoteTaker 4 import Circus Ponies Notebook (CPN) documents?

Not directly. However, NoteTaker 4 can import RTF, OPML, HTML, and (to some extent) NBML files. You must first export or copy your CPN content into files in one of these formats. Then create a new NoteTaker 4 notebook, and use the File->Import… command to import the files. Each of the formats has advantages and disadvantages. NBML may preserve the most formatting and metadata, but in our limited experience, CPN can only export a single page of NBML at a time. On the other hand, CPN's OPML export may allow an entire notebook's data to be imported at once, but formatting and attachments will be lost. You should experiment with transferring your data in all of the available formats and choose the one that provides the best results for your content. In general, if you import several files at the same time, they will all be placed in a single section. When importing NBML, NoteTaker 4 will attempt to also import attachments. It may prompt you for the location of the folder containing the original attachments. For embedded attachments, this is a folder called “attachments” within the original notebook. To view it, control-click on the notebook in the Finder, and select “Show Package Contents”. You can then copy the folder out of the notebook where it can be accessed by NoteTaker 4. (Updated September 2019)