Update on Development Status

We are now testing Version 26 and we've fixed more bugs in the process; several of which have taken more time to nail down in part because we're testing against three different Apple OS versions including macOS High Sierra, macOS Sierra and OS X El Capitan. Translation, it takes time to test, fix a bug and then do a regression test against the bug fix on multiple platform versions. The good news is that the showstopper bug count is finally going down not up. In the coming weeks, we plan to announce our updated schedules and when we plan to begin limited beta testing. We know how anxious is everyone is about getting their hands on the new version of NoteTaker and NoteShare but we need to m

The Steve Jobs Meme

I love exploring the history of technology and I especially enjoy reflecting on the history of the personal computer industry. Or more specifically, the history of Apple Computer (circa 1970s) and its place in Silicon Valley lore. Apple's origin story has a mythical place in Silicon Valley's history and has been told and re-told so many times that scholars in the far future millennium will predictively argue that its facts morphed from storyteller to storyteller like Homer's epics, the Iliad and the Odyssey. So I must confess that I'm a storyteller of imperfect memory and not possessing total recall when it comes to my own Apple history. Which means there is the tinge of embellishment that

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