Add NoteShare Express web browser instances
for editing shared notebooks

By default, NoteShare and NoteShare server allow up to 2 simultaneous users of NoteShare Express, running in a web browser, to edit shared notebooks remotely. In other words, if 2 viewers have the edit pen for notebooks from a particular owner at the same time, then additional viewers may still view remote notebooks but not edit them, until one of the 2 editing viewers releases all his pens.

If you need to support more than two concurrent remote editors using NoteShare Express in a web browser, then use this purchase form to buy and add more NoteShare Express editor instances to your existing license.

If you have any questions about purchasing NoteShare Express licenses or need a volume discount quote for a PO, contact us via email at NoteShare Express is designed to allow non-NoteShare users to access, view and edit live notebook documents using a web browser (the latest version of the free Java Runtime Environment is required to run NoteShare Express).

The base price is $29.95 per additional concurrent NoteShare Express editor for owners of Unlimited licenses, $24.95 per concurrent editor for Academic licensees. Discounts for purchases of 10 or more editors are available. If you wish to order 25 or more connections, please contact us at for volume pricing.

To purchase:
1) Qualify your NoteShare or NoteShare Server license in the form below.
2) Select the number of editor instances to add. NoteShare and NoteShare Server allow two concurrent editors by default. Each license supports up to 10 concurrent Express connections.   NOTE: NoteShare and NoteShare Server support at least 36 or more concurrent user connections.
3) Enter your payment information and submit the form. You will be presented with a purchase summary page, and the option to complete the purchase, revise the purchase information, or cancel the purchase.

NoteShare Server/NoteShare License Informarion

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