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Introducing Cross-Platform Notebook Sharing
Introducing the world's first cross-platform, notebook document server. A flexible solution that runs on Mac, Windows and Linux systems.

NoteShare Server Pro is an innovative server technology powering anytime, anywhere access to shared notebooks. Supports both individual and team users. An affordable, on-premise solution that delivers personal and team productivity tools for use by knowledge workers, teachers, students and researchers. It's never been easier to deliver the power of shared, hosted notebooks to individuals and teams.

Designed for Education, Research and Business Users
NoteShare Server Pro is intended for personal and workgroup use in education, research and business. Supports active creation, publication and aggregation of media-rich, shared notebooks. An ideal collaboration and sharing solution for teachers, students, researchers and project teams.

Access Notes, Outlines and Information Anytime, Anywhere
NoteShare Server Pro is a headless server application specifically designed for supporting multiple users, project teams, campus classrooms and research labs. An easy to install, secure solution for delivering non-stop, fully interactive notebook documents. Delivers tools for organizing notes, outlines, to do lists, web pages, PDFs, document/file attachments, voice recordings, multimedia objects (movies, music, voice, animations) and plug-ins (Java and Flash).

Works with NoteTaker, NoteShare and NoteShare Express
NoteShare Server Pro comes with "out of the box" support for desktop and webtop client access. Use any AquaMinds Software products for Mac, Windows and Linux to access and collaborate on notebook documents. Web browser users can access and edit NoteShare Server Pro via NoteShare Express applet (Java support required).

Integrate Notebook Collaboration Everywhere
NoteShare Server Pro is an industrial-strength Java server application for provisioning notebook sharing services on demand. It can be integrated with other server platform services including learning management systems (LMS) and enterprise/campus-wide social networks. Shared notebooks can also be accessed using a standard web browser using the NoteShare Express applet (Java plug-in).

Web-based Admin Tools
Server administration is flexibly managed both locally and remotely via web browser (Java plug-in). NoteShare Server Pro's unique sharing architecture enables organizing server access and host management by assigning named "services" to teams, workgroups, departments or grade levels/classrooms. Service administrators have their own private, secure access and host management for adding, uploading and sharing notebooks as needed for their group or team.

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How To Purchase NoteShare Server Pro
System Requirements
  • Java VM 1.6 or higher (
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000 server
  • Mac OS X Server 10.6.x or higher
  • Linux (Ubuntu, Centos, Debian, RHEL, Mandriva)
NOTE: Client software purchased separately. Volume pricing available for both academic and commercial users.

Language Support:
English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.

On-Premise Server Solutions
  • Server configurations starting at $99.00 (supports 10 users)
  • Academic discounts available
  • Purchase a solution bundle or mix and match client licenses separately

Key Product Features
  • Headless, non-stop server design
  • Cross-platform support (installs and runs on Mac, Windows and Linux servers)
  • Secure, password-protected managed hosting and access
  • Dynamic provisioning and organization of sharing services and user access
  • Compatible with AquaMinds suite of client software for Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Web browser-ready access via NoteShare Express plug-in (Java required)
  • Daily server log reporting via email
  • Auto-restart and launch support
  • Supports English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish

What's included?
  • Installer (license)
  • Server application
  • Bundled NoteShare Express applet - 10 concurrent connections
  • Admin applet
  • Admin documentation
  • 1-year of free updates
  • Free support via email

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