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NoteShare Express - Desktop Edition
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System Requirements
For PC users: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 running Java 6 or higher (

For Linux users: Linux i386 (Intel), amd64 (64-bit X86 Intel processor) running Java 6 or higher (
Language Support:
English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.
Organize Your Notes, Ideas and Information in One Place
NoteShare Express Desktop Edition for Windows and Linux is a new product based on our powerful NoteTaker software technology first introduced in 2002 for Mac users. NoteShare Express Desktop Edition is a "use it everyday" productivity application for both individuals and teams. It's a next generation information processor for creating, organizing and managing both structured and unstructured information.

Visually Rich Notebook Documents
NoteShare Express Desktop Edition provides a visually rich, spiral notebook for taking notes, organizing lists, storing file attachments, tagging entries and managing projects. A highly flexible tool with an easy to understand spiral notebook interface. Every notebook document has tab sections and pages for creating, organizing and sharing information.

Take Notes, Make Lists, Create Outlines
There is no better way to manage your daily information flow than by capturing your notes, checklists and tasks in a personal notebook. Using the built-in outline processor, personal information management is a snap. From jotting down ideas to organizing project tasks to organizing web resources, NoteShare Express Desktop Edition is the perfect tool for students, teachers, knowledge workers, researchers and professionals.

Get Your Work Done Your Way
Manage to do lists using the special To Do section feature. Keep a daily journal of your action items and tasks by adding a to do list section to your notebook.

Smart Information Retrieval
Notebook information is actively indexed on the fly for fast and easy recall. Every notebook you create has a dynamic index section that links and organizes your information. NoteShare Express Desktop Edition also supports user-created hyperlinking and annotations to enhance information display and retrieval. It's like turbocharging your brain's memory.

Drag and Drop Simple
Drag and drop documents and files to your notebooks to keep everything in one place for easier access. View and access media files directly within notebook pages. Use NoteShare Express Desktop Edition as your personal dropbox.

Instant Collaboration
NoteShare Express Desktop Edition is designed with "out of the box" cross-platform collaboration support. Instantly connect with NoteShare and NoteShare Server users to work synchronously or asynchronously on "live" shared notebooks. Experience the power and ease of multi-author collaboration using shared notebooks for classroom, team and lab projects.

NoteShare Express Desktop Edition can currently read and convert .ntz files created by our Mac OS X products, NoteTaker and NoteShare. NoteShare Express Desktop Edition creates local notebook files with the .nsx file extension. NoteShare Express Desktop Edition can also download and save shared notebooks from both NoteShare and NoteShare Server systems if permitted.

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