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NoteShare Express 2.4

Use your favorite web browser to access, view and edit shared notebooks. A cross-platform, web-enabled applet for collaborating and sharing with NoteShare and NoteTaker users.

Product Description
NoteShare Express 2.4 is a web-based application that allows anyone to access, view and edit notebooks actively being shared by the full version of NoteShare or NoteShare Server sites. Once you enter a NoteShare user's web URL into your browser, the NoteShare Express applet (Java) will begin to load and the shared notebook directory will appear.

Using a standard web browser on Windows, Linux or OS X, anyone can now view and edit notebooks being actively shared by NoteShare. This includes being able to remotely see updates, live edits, and presentations given from the shared notebook. (NOTE: Requires latest version of the free Java Runtime Environment).

Users of the NoteShare Express 2.4 do not need to install any software; it's entirely browser-based and loaded from the site running NoteShare or NoteShare Server. The NoteShare Express installer places the NoteShare Express 2.4 software and license in the top level Sites folder on OS X, and also in the user's Personal Web Sharing Sites folder. Anyone else can then type or add the NoteShare Express web address in their browser, to see a password-protected list of shared notebooks they can open. As they page through the notebook, users can seamlessly view any embedded or attached files, which are downloaded automatically from the notebook owner's personal web server and cached on the user's computer.

NoteShare Express 2.4 is a convenient, fast way to publish shared notebook documents for accessing, viewing and editing by non-NoteShare and NoteTaker users. Once a NoteShare site or machine has NoteShare Express 2.4 installed and configured, any of their shared notebooks are available and up to date for live viewing and editing using a standard web browser.

Click Here to see NoteShare Express 2.4 in action!

NoteShare Express 2.4 Highlights:

  • Applet and license add-on for all NoteShare users
  • Supports instant web publishing from your own system
  • No more uploading required; live, shared notebooks dynamically displayed in a browser window
  • Works with any browser that can run Java 5 or higher including IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome
  • Allows Windows, Linux and Mac users to access, view and edit "shared" notebooks
  • Remote viewers don't have to install any software, just runs from their web browser for easy access
  • Easy to install and run, requires NoteShare (or NoteShare Server) and NoteShare Express 2.4 be running on the same system.
What are the benefits of using NoteShare Express 2.4?
  • Instant, cross-platform access, viewing and editing of live shared notebooks
  • Shared notebooks are always up to date, current and in synch with the latest changes
  • Notebook sharing is secure, private and protected with passwords and encryption
  • A flexible, user-friendly solution for on-demand use that is easy to install
  • Notebook documents support rich media content and presentations
  • Enables live, guided presentations of shared notebook documents
  • Works with any standard Windows, Linux or OS X browser that supports Java applets
Where is NoteShare Express 2.4 being used today?
  • Schools and campuses
  • Research labs and development teams
  • Small business offices and workgroups
  • Home offices
  • Worldwide, global offices
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Getting Started with NoteShare Express
Click Here to download the "Getting Started With NoteShare Express" notebook. (204 KB .ZIP File)

NoteShare Express User Guide
Click Here to download the "NoteShare Express User Guide" notebook. (1.4 MB .ZIP File)

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