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Aquaminds FAQ
Demo Questions

How long does the demo run?

How do I remove the demo?

Where do I purchase my own NoteTaker license?

How many machines can I use my NoteTaker license on?

How do I remove the NoteTakerDaemon process?

I cannot get the NoteTaker Trial to accept my trial license key. How do I fix this?
NoteShare Questions

Where do I learn more about NoteShare?

What is NoteShare?

Who should use NoteShare?

How is NoteShare related to NoteTaker?

Do I need both NoteTaker and NoteShare?

What are NoteShare's system requirements?

Is it technically complicated to use NoteShare to share a notebook on the same network or in the same room?

What is Bonjour?

Does NoteShare run in a classroom environment with multiple students using NoteShare?

How many users can view a NoteShare notebook at the same time?

How many users can edit a NoteShare notebook at the same time?

Can just two people share and work together using computer-to-computer if there is no LAN available?

What are the networking requirements? Is it secure?

What about cross-platform sharing and solutions for Windows, Linux and PDA users?

What documentation or training comes with NoteShare?

What languages does NoteShare support?

How do we share and work together across our campus network if we're not on the same LAN?

Can I drag and drop files or attachments to a shared notebook? Any limitations?

What is the retail price (MSRP) for a single user NoteShare license?

Is there a NoteShare site license or volume price list for academic sites?

Can I use iChat with NoteShare at the same time for audio or videoconferencing?
NoteShare Server Questions

How many users does NoteShare Server support?

What are the minimum system requirements for running NoteShare Server?

How many notebooks can NoteShare Server manage or host?

What security and privacy mechanisms are used to protect shared notebooks?

Do I need OS X Server or an XServe system to run NoteShare Server?

What does NoteShare Server cost?

Do I need OS X Server or an XServe system to run NoteShare Server?

Can I use NoteShare Server just like NoteShare as a desktop application?

Can I run NoteShare Server on an OS X Server system?

What version of Java do I need to use the NoteShare Administrator Web applet?

Does NoteShare Server work with NoteShare Express?

Can I host and serve Web notebooks from a NoteShare Server system at the same time?

Where do I get technical support and help?

How do I file a bug report about NoteShare Server?

Can I run NoteShare Server at home as a personal server for my own use?

How do I view and edit shared notebooks?
Product Questions

What versions of OS X does NoteTaker 1.9.14 run on?

What is the current version of NoteTaker?

Does it support AppleScript?

Why don't NoteTaker Services work with my Microsoft applications?

Can I use InkWell to add my own free-hand sketches?

What is a clipping service?

What is a search service?

How many notebooks can I use or create?

How do I organize my notebook on the screen?

What is a template?

What is a category?

Where do I find NoteTaker documentation?

How do I create a simple slide show?

How do I re-organize my outlines?

Can I e-mail NoteTaker files to other NoteTaker users?

How do I share NoteTaker information if other users don't use it?

Where is the demo download located?

I lost my license, now what?

How do I send a bug report or make a suggestion?

What format does NoteTaker save files in?

Does NoteTaker support the vCard format?

Can add and view QuickTime multimedia content within NoteTaker?

How do I make the toolbar visible?

What is a page mark?

How do I create a To Do section with daily pages?

What is an Index Section?

Does NoteTaker create back-ups automatically?

Is there a keyboard short-cut for navigating to the first page in a section?

Is there a keyboard command for toggling multi-line edit mode on and off?

How do I tell if a NoteTaker file or notebook is read-only?

How do I get NoteTaker to behave like a traditional notepad?

How do I attach a file to a notebook in NoteTaker?

How do I import outline files from other products such as MORE?

How do I remove a page or a section?

How do I change the name of a page or section?

Does NoteTaker support sychronization with Palm devices?

How do I remove the Trial version of either NoteTaker or NoteShare?

How do I remove NoteTaker Trial from the Services menu?

Why are images copied from Safari displayed upside down?

Do you have training materials or video tutorials?

How do I put my Web Notebook on a server?

Will documents created with the NoteTaker Trial work with the fully licensed version?

How do I create a hyperlink to another entry in a NoteTaker document?

Why isn't the TAB key indenting entries?

I bought a new machine. How do I install NoteTaker on my new machine or a second machine?

How do I view exported RTF outlines in Microsoft Word?

How do I delete a Page Break?

How do I install AppleScripts?

Where can I download the fully licensed version of NoteTaker?

I purchased a boxed, CD copy of NoteTaker. How can I register my license, and what does that get me?

How can I be notified automatically when a new version of NoteTaker is released?

How can I use my favorite email application to send NoteTaker documents?

The license manager is rejecting my serial number and key. What should I do?

I can't unstuff the Stuffit archive. Where can I get a copy of Stuffit Expander?

How do I add a custom style to the Favorite Styles menu?

Does NoteTaker or NoteShare run on Windows and Linux?

Does NoteTaker support other languages such as German, French or Japanese?

How do I use NoteTaker to create a weblog or blog?

What scanners or third party devices work with the Scan Image tool?

How do I move a Voice Memo to my iPod? Is it an mp3 file?

How do I share my notebooks with other OS X users?

I have to re-enter my license every time I reboot. How do I fix this?

What is the recommended, best way to update to NoteTaker 1.9?

When using Apple's Expose program, my NoteTaker drawers are still visible? Why?

How do I remove a Favorite Style?

Is NoteTaker compatible with Apple's new Tiger release?

What Tiger technologies does NoteTaker support directly?

Does Spotlight index, search and find NoteTaker content and notebooks?

What version of NoteTaker runs on Jaguar?

How do I combine or merge notebook information into a single notebook?

Can I use NoteTaker to display RSS feeds?

Can I use the built-in Voice Memo feature to create a podcast?

Does AquaMinds publish a web log or blog?

Can you export your NoteTaker data as HTML or XHTML?

My NoteTaker files (notebooks) are appearing as folders and won't open from the Finder, why?

Is there a Universal or Universal application version of NoteTaker available?

How do you add a site visitor or page visit counter to a web notebook?

My notebooks are appearing as folders now since changing or removing the file extension NTX.

Which browsers support Apple's Contextual Menu plug-in standard that NoteTaker uses?

What can you do with NoteShare?

Are NoteTaker and NoteShare compatible?

Why can't I assign a new e-mail address to my AquaMinds license information?

Do I need both NoteShare and NoteTaker to share notebooks?

Why am I getting a Java error message when using a plug-in?

Why can't I open the Page folio or NTZ archive I downloaded from my web mail account?

I want the TAB key to only add a TAB. How do I define a new entry indentation key combination?

How do I use clipping services with Firefox?

How can I password protect my .MAC hosted Web Notebook?

How do I email a web notebook as an attachment to a Windows or Linux user?

What is the recommended upper limit on notebook size?

Does NoteShare support concurrent editing with multiple users?

What is the latest version of NoteShare for OS X?

How do I change a notebook from Read-Only to unlocked status?

Are NoteTaker and NoteShare compatible with Leopard?

Word documents are opening in NoteShare. How do I fix this?

My entries are appearing double-spaced, how can I fix this?

How do I remove the Contextual Menu plug-in for NoteTaker?

Does NoteTaker's Voice Memo synchronize audio with outlines and text?

How do I embed a Web Notebook as an IFRAME on a web site?

If I'm using NoteTaker, how do I work with shared notebooks remotely?

How do I automatically update my Web Notebook if my host only supports FTP connections?

How do I install an upgraded NoteShare or NoteShare Server license that supports extra Express Editor connections?

How do I upload a Web Notebook to MobileMe's web.me.com service?

Are NoteTaker and NoteShare compatible with Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6)?

How do I enable clipping services in OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Snow Leopard users on my LAN cannot access shared notebooks from my Leopard machine. How do I fix this?

Do you have a version of your software for the iPad?

How do I stop a Web Notebook from being published automatically?

When are your mobile products shipping for iPhone and iPad users?

How do I upgrade from NoteTaker to NoteShare?

Plug-in applets will not run after installing a java update. How do I fix this?

Do you have an iPhone or iPad app?

Where do I find information about NoteShare Mobile Viewer?

Where are the preference files on OS X for AquaMinds?

I'm having problems updating to NoteTaker or NoteShare 3.x from the App Store, what do I do?

Why am I having issues launching the 2.7 version software on my OS X Lion system?

The entry text is not displaying properly while using 2.7.1 with Mountain Lion

How do I run the 2.7.1 trial version on Mountain Lion if it says it's corrupted?

Java applets no longer work on 2.5.9, is there a workaround?

How do I update my software from version 2.5.9?

Do you have an update for running NoteTaker on Mavericks OS X 10.9?

How do I repair or fix a notebook that is not opening, displaying or saving properly?

I don't see my notebook when I launch NoteTaker or NoteShare? What should I do?

Sometimes my text disappears while typing? How do I fix this?

I have an older version of software; how do I update NoteTaker?
Sales Questions

Does AquaMinds offer site licensing?

Is there sales tax on my purchase?

I lost or mis-placed my license?

What credit cards do you accept?

Credit card is rejected or giving a message that my address is not matched, why?

I haven't received my license or demo license yet? Why?

Do you offer academic pricing?

What is the store refund policy on electronic purchases?

I'm running Lion (OS X 10.7), what version do I need?
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