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We have designed this section to provide a place for downloading pre-designed notebooks, example templates and working scripts that you can modify and use as you like. Like paper, you can fill NoteTaker with your own ideas and thoughts about organizing, planning, sharing and presenting ideas. If there are other examples you would like to see, please go to our feedback page and let us know what you think.

Notebook Samples
Internet Integration & Information Sharing:
1-Step Web Publishing™ (4.6 Mb .ZIP file)
Web Notebooks Rule! is a simple recipe for turning your notebooks into web sites using NoteTaker's built-in Create Web Notebook... command feature (under File menu).  In combination with Apple's .Mac web service, any NoteTaker user can now become a web publisher in just minutes (no technical knowledge required).  Check this example today if you're a .Mac user or thinking about becoming a .Mac user. It's a very powerful combination and easy to use. NOTE: Create Web Notebook works with any web server and homepage service. You publish web notebooks in your office on the LAN or publish to your school or campus network.   What do published Web Notebooks look like? Take a look at the Synergy Example to find out.
General Purpose:
Browse New York Times (80 Kb .zip file)
This example notebook demonstrates NoteTaker's embedded web browser feature, the Notebook Drawer and the use of Clipping Services. NoteTaker users can create dedicated "daily" readers for browsing and reading their favorite news and information sites.
Web Scrapbook (216 Kb .zip file)
The Web Scrapbook is both a "How To" and an example notebook you can modify and use as your own. In less than five minutes, you will learn how to create a clipping service (a dynamic feature of using OS X) and also discover how easy it is to clip and save your research and Internet to notebook pages and sections.
Notepad Example (92 Kb .zip file)
The NotePad Example is designed for users who prefer to work with a blank page and no hint of outlines or structure. Each page contains a single entry that is already set to multi-line mode. Like any other NoteTaker notebook, an Index Section can be generated on-demand for the NotePad Example.
Simple To-Do List Pad (236 Kb .zip file)
This basic notebook shows one way of using NoteTaker's simple To Do Section roll-over feature for managing daily lists. It can be modified and includes a re-useable template for dividing and organizing to do items into groups on your to do pages.
People Cards (268 Kb .zip file)
This little notebook is a modest example of how flexible NoteTaker is at handling something as basic as the everyday personal contact file with names and numbers.
My College Notebook (2.7 Mb .zip file)
This "conceptual" notebook suggests how a college student could use NoteTaker to organize course work, academic projects and even college life in general. The combination of NoteTaker plus an iBook or PowerBook is truly a dream machine for any student today.

Scripts for NoteTaker
General Purpose:
Example Script (4 Kb .zip File)
This script demonstrates how to open and create NoteTaker documents using Applescript.

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