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Another "customization" feature of NoteTaker, is the ability to use artwork and graphics as your personal covers. To cover an active notebook file, use Option-Cmd-K or the Cover command from the View menu. Drag and drop an image or a custom cover graphic on the cover. To format it, use the Background Image sub-menu from the Format menu.

If the Toolbar is visible, double-clicking on any blank area near the middle of the Toolbar itself will also invoke the Cover command. Likewise, double-clicking on a visible cover will uncover it.

The following custom notebook covers are provided by AquaMinds Software Corporation. They were developed in-house as part of our on-going efforts to provide NoteTaker users with custom add-ons and examples. To download any cover, simply click on it now.

Autumn Leaves

Blue Marble

Brushed Aluminum

Cloth With Spine

Jaguar Aqua

Jaguar Natural

Rough Leather

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User Contributed Cover Variations

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