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April 27, 2011

Free Download Trial Versions Available

We have posted the trial versions of NoteTaker 2.6 and NoteShare 2.6 on our web site today. Get your free test drive by clicking on one of the download buttons on our home page for either NoteTaker or NoteShare. As previously announced, the new 2.6 version series is available for purchase from the Apple Mac App Store. The version 2.6 series requires Snow Leopard. This is not an essential upgrade for current users but if you do purchase from the Mac App Store, all future updates this year will be free of charge going forward. NoteTaker 2.6 is $24.99 and NoteShare 2.6 is $49.99 from the Mac App Store.

If you're still using Leopard, we will maintain version 2.5.9 on our site for the remainder of the year.   

April 23, 2011

NoteTaker 2.6 and NoteShare 2.6 Arrive - Mac App Store Exclusives


This past week has been very busy for our team. We just shipped NoteTaker 2.6 and NoteShare 2.6 which both require Snow Leopard as a minimum system. With Lion on the horizon this year, we're busy preparing to support the new user experience features coming to Apple's next operating system version. In advance of Lion's arrival, we've introduced the 2.6 version series of our products which are now available from the Mac App Store. They are the beginning of our new development effort for 2011.

Should I upgrade now?

If you're already using 2.5.9 then it's not an essential upgrade for Snow Leopard users. Version 2.6 includes a new menu structure and updated documentation now delivered in notebook file format (.ntx). All other changes are minor bug fixes that are already available in 2.5.9. If you do upgrade or buy a copy from the App Store, you won't have to pay again or pay for future updates as we will be releasing them throughout the year via the App Store.

App Store Licensing

The App Store is a hassle free way to keep your software updated and never worry again about lost or stolen license keys. No more support emails required to find your license. The App Store is a convenient, simple way to get the latest software from AquaMinds Software.   

Can I try before I buy or upgrade to 2.6?

Yes. We are posting 2.6 trial versions on our site early next week. Apple doesn't currently support test-drives so we're posting free 2.6 trial versions on our site.

New Pricing for App Store

NoteTaker 2.6 is $24.99

NoteShare 2.6 is $49.99

NoteTaker Viewer 2.6 (free)

What about Leopard users and 2.5.9? Will I still be able to buy it from your site?

Yes. We'll continue to sell 2.5.9 to Leopard users from our site.

Are you working on an iPad/iPhone client with support for capture and live editing?

Yes. If you have used NoteShare Mobile Viewer on your iPhone or iPad then you know we're heading in that direction.