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NoteShare Server Pro for Mac, Windows and Linux Servers


NoteShare Server Pro is a software server solution for deploying notebook documents and collaboration services to Mac, Windows and Linux users. It is both a powerful and convenient way to deliver productivity and information management tools to students, researchers and knowledge workers. NoteShare Server Pro enables schools, labs and enterprises to provision an individual and group productivity application using a secure, on-premise server. For customers that prefer a cloud-based solution, NoteShare Server Pro can be configured to run on virtualized servers as well as on-demand servers such as Amazon's EC2. If your school, college, research lab or company is serious about note-taking, information management and collaboration tools; download the free, 30-day trial today.   

NOTE: NoteShare Server Pro can also be integrated with enterprise dashboard/portal solutions as well as popular LMS platforms (Blackboard/Moodle/Studywiz).