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Taking your notes, ideas and information with you - going mobile.

As we prepare this month to release version 2.5 of NoteTaker, NoteShare and NoteShare Server for OS X; we're also busy working on client solutions for mobile devices including the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Our new mobile clients are scheduled to ship later in 2010 but we wanted to show you a sneak peek of NoteShare Mobile Lite accessing notebooks, spaces and servers using an iPhone and iPad. The screen grabs are live shots of the new software running in the lab opening notebooks from private spaces on our network.

They are being designed around the latest NoteShare technology which brings seamless collaboration and sharing to both individuals and workgroups. NoteShare Mobile Lite will require NoteShare so we're announcing today a limited time only upgrade offer to all our registered NoteTaker users. Registered users are eligible to purchase a NoteShare license for $39.95. The offer runs until November 1, 2010.