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June 08, 2010

The New Previews of NoteTaker, NoteShare and NoteShare Server Have Arrived.

Today we posted the preview versions of NoteTaker, NoteShare and NoteShare 2.5 on our updates page. All registered users are welcome to download and test them if you're running Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. The preview versions mark an important milestone in our development and architecture road map; they now share the same common core notebook and collaboration aware technology. To read more about the previews, you can download the What's New document. We have also made enhancements to our web notebook feature to take advantage of increased screen real estate of Apple's popular iPad. Additionally, web notebooks viewed from the iPad also support live embedded web page entries. And once we release the new versions, they'll be free to all registered users

Tags and Multiple Tags
The Preview versions also introduce support for tagging entries with multiple tags (formerly known as categories). Users asked for this feature and we're pleased to announce that you can now assign any number of tags to your entries. The Index section has its own Tags page as well so you can see a summary of all of your notebook information in one place that has been organized by tags

Integrated Social Search includes Twitter and YouTube
We've also added enhancements to our Web Research Agent scripts by including two new scripts; SearchTwitter and SearchYouTube. Open an existing or new notebook, then select one of the new scripts and type in a search string. The web agent will then search Twitter or YouTube and then automatically organize the search results in your notebook as separate pages with titles in a new section. It's a productive way to leverage both Twitter and YouTube for fun as well as for important research projects

What's Next?
We have a very busy development schedule including the introduction of NoteShare Express Desktop for Windows and Linux users that is coming in July. After that, we will be focusing on our mobile device solutions for Apple's platforms (iPhone, IPod Touch and iPad) as well as solutions for other mobile devices. And finally, we continue to work on the cloud version of NoteShare Server. It's currently in early testing but the results are very promising. Our cloud service is going to enable fast and easy notebook sharing while supporting multiple devices and browsers for access as well as editing.