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April 02, 2010

AquaMinds Software + iPad = Absolutely!

Hardware-06T-20100127 As previously noted, we're building a cloud-based, notebook collaboration and sharing service.  And along with NoteShare.net, we're working on client software that will run on many different mobile internet devices including the iPad no less.  Our popular "web notebook" feature will be updated very soon to support iPad access and display control.  And it should be no surprise to our NoteTaker and NoteShare users since web notebooks work great on iPhones and iPod Touch systems already.

Touch Simple
The beauty of the iPad is the elegant packaging of a highly interactive touch-based UI with a crisp, vibrant screen housed in a sleek yet wicked fast mobile device that runs on a single charge for nearly 12 hours.  Impressive.  From students to doctors to researchers to knowledge workers,  we'll be delivering a productivity solution for the iPad that provides note-taking, organizing, information sharing, collaborative workflows and notebook management services.  A digital place where you'll be able to think and work or play and dream with your ideas.

What's in my notebook today?
A very exciting checklist of new AquaMinds products and services for 2010 and beyond.