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February 01, 2010

AquaMinds Software in 2010 - your notebooks in the cloud and accessible from your favorite internet devices

We're very excited about Apple's mobile computing solutions especially the new iPad.  As previously announced, we are bringing our interactive notebook sharing and collaboration technology to the cloud as a service called NoteShare.net™.  Whenever you need to take notes, clip some information or access your notebooks, it will be at your fingertips; literally.    And it will look beautiful.

With NoteShare.net, you'll be able to work on your notebooks from your favorite mobile and computing devices without worrying about synchronization or device access or location.  From home to office to cafe to campus to any location, seamless access to your notebooks.  And you'll always have the option to work in groups if you need to share or collaborate on a project.  And best of all, cloud notebooks will work with all of our client applications including popular web browsers running our NoteShare Express™ applet, Windows PCs running NoteShare Express Desktop™ and Mac users running NoteTaker™ or NoteShare™.  And yes, cloud notebooks can be downloaded, saved and used for working offline.

We love the idea of the iPad and its touch-driven UI.  The iPad will usher in a new era of collaborative work styles which we'll deliver to our iPad users as a media-rich, immersive

Case 5 20100127 notebook with to do lists, outlines, notes, hyperlinks, clippings, video, voice annotation and more.  The iPad and our cloud are going to be a very powerful productivity solution for all kinds and types of knowledge-driven scenarios especially within workgroups and enterprises.

We intend to be the leaders in mobile notebook document access.  Not just accessing and viewing notebooks in the cloud but editing them synchronously and asynchronously.    And NoteShare.net is for everyone, from individuals on the go to project teams to students to educators to professionals; your notebooks, anywhere, anytime.

NOTE: NoteShare.net is designed to work with Apple mobile and OS X devices, Windows PC systems, Android devices and Linux-based systems.

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