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January 26, 2010

What's coming in 2010 - the NoteShare cloud with mobile and desktop client access

CloudsketchforblogWhen we introduced notebook sharing and collaboration in 2006, we knew back then that notebook sharing would eventually become more transparent for users.  Easier, faster and more flexible.    That day is soon approaching as we have begun internal testing of our new NoteShare cloud technology for anytime, anywhere notebook access and sharing.  Everything we're doing in 2010 will support seamless access to your notebooks from multiple devices including smart phones (iPhone), new tablet devices (iWantOne) and your current desktop or laptop systems (running OS X, Windows and Linux).    And yes, not just access but real-time editing (and collaboration on-demand whenever you need or want it).

Next month we'll release more details on our testing schedule for new products and cloud-based services.  Until then, it's back to work on the future of notebook sharing technology.

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