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July 10, 2008

Publishing your web notebooks everywhere even within other web pages

One of the most popular features of our software is the web notebook format for publishing information on the Internet. Any notebook can be delivered as a web notebook while being updated automatically whenever the source notebook is changed. In education markets, where both NoteTaker and NoteShare are widely used, the web notebook has become an alternative to maintaining a blog or wiki. Why? It's incredibly convenient, it's simpler to maintain and it's very adaptable for delivering educational content (course materials that are easily searched, organized and updated). And now, we've added even more flexibility to sharing content by enabling web notebooks to be folded into existing web sites using iFRAMES. Think of it as picture-in-picture for web sites. Use your web notebooks on your blog or your web site.

For example, users can include and display web notebooks within their own blog sites or web sites for added convenience as well as context. Teachers can continue to blog and post while including reference materials as web notebooks but displayed on the same web page as their blog. But again, it's the ease of changing and updating the content that is the secret of using web notebooks. Whatever you change in your source notebook, whether it's local or on your NoteShare Server, the web notebook version of the notebook is automatically updated and kept current. No need to jump into a special editor or another application to keep your web content updated.

Sharing the content that you created and that you care about
By using web notebooks, information can be published and shared easily. In this example, a short briefing book as web notebook serves to summarize the facts of an upcoming space flight. In a teaching situation, a project team could be responsible for maintaining the notebook which in turn feeds the web notebook version. Here is a simple example of a web notebook embedded in our blog for quick access and viewing.

To learn more about using Web Notebook documents in an iFRAME, please see the following FAQ on our site:

July 07, 2008

Two new books for your summer reading list and a free eBook for your iPhone

NoteTaker and more recently, NoteShare enjoy a strong following among book authors, music artists and screen-writers. I think it's due in large part to the simple observation that the Mac itself is especially popular in the entertainment and creative businesses. From song writers to book authors to film and TV producer-writers, our software running on OS X has fueled many a creative effort.

Whether it's organizing web-based research or visiting a local library to gather information and then outline source notes; our information processing tools have enabled creative artists worldwide to express themselves while enhancing their project productivity. And it's only fitting that during a US election year, we have two examples of thought-provoking titles on bookstore shelves today that got their start as NoteTaker outlines and shared notes in NoteShare.

Gusheroflies-1Gusher of Lies
For Robert Bryce, his topic is energy policy and our energy future; Gusher of Lies is clearly one of the summer's most important books for anyone and everyone interested in what can and should be done about America's energy future today. If you think you understand the politics of renewable energy and the global economics of oil, think again. Bryce's book couldn't have come at a more important time as energy has become one of the most important global issues of our time.

Fwdcoverperspective Flirting with Disaster
Marc Gerstein (with Michael Ellsberg) takes a new and an important in-depth look at the human dynamics of bystander behavior in the face of pending disasters and failed decision-making at the highest levels of our government agencies, corporate boardrooms and public institutions. The book's chapters are each an extensive study about a well-known disaster but surprisingly in each case, a different yet unique analysis of what went wrong and at times, counter to the popular press reporting of these tragic events.

Like Bryce's book, Flirting with Disaster offers an instructive perspective that resonates in an election year when voters are being asked to judge the decision-making potential of respective party candidates. And one might even ask; have they or their brain trusts read these books? Are they prepared to heed the advice of Gerstein and the Ellsbergs (including Daniel Ellsberg) that we have the capacity to make better decisions and not repeat our past mistakes.

20Kleaguescover Big-2 Dive into a sci-fi classic with our free e-book for your iPhone (old or new)

In our family library, Jules Verne still fascinates and entertains all ages with his incredible tales. One of my all-time favorites is Twenty-Thousand Leagues under the Seas. Using our built-in "Web Notebook" feature (which is also iPhone-aware), we've created
an e-book version of Verne's classic tale of a rogue mystery man and his incredible submarine that takes the reader on a fantastic journey of discovery through the depths of the oceans.

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