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June 05, 2008

NoteTaker and NoteShare - new ways to collaborate and access information in shared notebooks

This week we just released NoteTaker 2.2 and NoteShare 1.7.1 as technology preview versions.  The biggest news is that NoteTaker is now NoteShare "collaboration" compatible.  NoteTaker users  will have the option of working and collaborating with NoteShare users as well as have the ability to access NoteShare Server sites.  From NoteTaker, users will be able to open shared notebooks and collaborate with other users.  It simply means that any notebook being shared by a NoteShare user or being managed by a NoteShare Server site, can now be accessed, viewed and edited by NoteTaker users; from the same LAN or over the Internet.    Just like NoteShare, it's concurrent editing of the same notebook at the same time or different times.  Doesn't matter when you're working or where you're working, notebook collaboration is a click away.

Open Shared Notebook feature comes to NoteTaker


Sharing notebooks is one of the most compelling features of NoteShare. It's easy to do, it's virtually seamless with its built-in P2P (peer-peer) approach and in combination with Apple's extensive use of Bonjour, NoteShare brings collaboration to the rest of us.  With NoteShare Server, sharing notebooks can be managed and hosted 24x7 on a system as small as a Mac Mini.  It's like having your own note-taking and information server cloud with all the benefits of collaboration and workflow support whenever you need it.  By adding NoteShare "collaboration" support, NoteTaker users can now to work with NoteShare users or access NoteShare Server sites.    Collaboration and shared notebooks for everyone.  It's a cool way to work.

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