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March 19, 2008

Share notes - organize and share your notebooks using NoteShare Server

Team work.  Communication.  Shared knowledge.  Organization.  Information flow.  Coordination.  Enhanced productivity.  Cognition.  Augmented intelligence.  Transformation.  Task-driven workflow.

These are just a few of the many words and phrases used in the industry to describe collaboration software and its potential user benefits.  Given the rapid pace of change, the IT industry doesn't know or understand all the choices users have today in deploying collaboration software and sharing technologies.  And as a result, collaboration is narrowly positioned around real-time meetings and videoconferencing systems.

In fact, we believe that much of the productivity to be gained by using
NoteShare is around the edges or in the asynchronous time spaces when team members don't all work in the same building or they can't meet at the same time.  By this definition, collaboration's value is not exclusively in hosting real-time meeting events but instead, it's also in the time invested by members in keeping the project flow moving forward.  How?  By staying organized and focused on knowledge capture and information retrieval (aka search).

When we first introduced NoteShare in 2006 (see New York Times
article), we created an instant sharing platform for sharing your notes and information that worked everywhere since it's based on "peer-to-peer" collaboration.  And even today, P2P notebook sharing is one of the biggest features of using NoteShare for ad hoc and on-demand notebook collaboration such as meetings, presentations and  brainstorming sessions anywhere (classrooms, campuses, conference rooms, airport lounges and cafes).

A team's project success can depend upon the types and kinds of collaboration tools being used to share notes, collect information, organize communications and generally keep the team on task while putting all the key operational information in one place.  If your project activity involves taking just one note or copious notes,  NoteShare can provide a seamless yet powerful way for your team to share notes, capture knowledge, organize key information, clip email messages and grab web page snippets.  Truly a power tool for information processing on the workgroup level.


And now, with NoteShare Server, our users can maintain 24x7 notebook sharing.  It's truly magical as well as seamless.  So think about it, NoteShare provides everywhere sharing with its breakthrough P2P approach (just works) while NoteShare Server delivers "all the time" sharing of notebooks.  So when you're thinking about getting your team and office focused on capturing knowledge about your business, your research or your projects, think NoteShare Server as your instant collaboration solution.  It's the fastest, easiest way to share notes, capture knowledge and keep everyone on the same page.

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