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February 12, 2008

Introducing NoteShare Server - create, communicate, collaborate

When we first introduced notebook sharing in 2006, our vision of collaboration was driven by instant, peer-to-peer collaboration between two or more NoteShare users.  And today, it's being used by thousands of users daily who have the power to share notebook documents and collaborate anytime, anywhere right from their own Macs.

In classrooms and across campuses, to board rooms and conference rooms, notebook sharing is a powerful productivity enhancing,  application for sharing information, organizing team projects and presenting ideas.  The seamlessness of notebook sharing is what makes NoteShare so valuable to users.  And as expected, our users told us that notebook sharing was not only a great on-demand application but that they also wanted to share their notebooks all the time.  In a nutshell, they wanted dedicated, managed notebook sharing.

Today, we're introducing
NoteShare Server for OS X.  It's our third major application for OS X and it also marks a major technology milestone in enabling multi-media rich notebook sharing to be both on-demand and now, all the time with a managed server solution.  NoteShare Server distinguishes itself in three important areas:

- it is easy to set-up and configure
- it runs on a basic Tiger or Leopard system (such as a Mac Mini)
- it is both convenient and flexible using web-based administration (remote or local management)

And one more key point;  it doesn't cost thousands of dollars or hundreds of dollars.  It's available for the next 90 days for $49.95 (MSRP $149.95) during our special technology preview promotion.  If you're currently a NoteShare user or you're thinking about organizing a classroom or setting up a small office or you just want to manage a remote project team, NoteShare Server can boost your productivity starting today.

Scott Love writes:
On a personal note, I've always dreamed of having "my own personal information server" that I could use at home or in the office or whenever I was traveling.  With NoteShare Server, that dream is now a reality.  Your notebook information is now at your fingertips.

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