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January 31, 2008

Anytime, anywhere is now all the time

Starting next week, we'll be launching NoteShare Server.  When we first introduced NoteShare in 2006, it was and still is the easiest way to share notebook documents between two or more users.  As a peer-peer solution, it's flexible, convenient and always available.  If you're working in a room or across a campus, you can always share your notebooks for instant collaboration.  And if you're in different time zones and need to get things done quickly, NoteShare can enable productive workflow across the Internet.  And this is still true today.

But there is another kind of sharing that's equally important to enabling project workflow and teamwork, and that's asynchronous collaboration.  Even when we're in the same time zone or even the same building or campus, we don't always need real-time collaboration but rather we need cumulative productivity.  Enter NoteShare Server.

Coverimage  A powerful yet clever software application that allows you and your team to manage and host shared notebooks 24x7.  Non-stop, anytime, anywhere sharing all the time.  Your notebooks, your data, you server; on-demand whenever you or your team need access.

And with NoteShare Server, sharing your notebooks is even more convenient and flexible with remote management tools to allow instant configuration and uploading of your notebooks.  And what kind of system can you run NoteShare Server on?  We prefer to run it on a Mac Mini but you can run on any Tiger or Leopard system.  NoteShare Server is suitable for both home server use as well as classroom and workgroup server use.  In short, another powerful way to put information at your fingertips.

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