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December 15, 2007

"Always On" Notebook Sharing with NoteShare Server

In the coming weeks, we'll be officially launching NoteShare Server for OS X.  It's a very flexible yet powerful way to manage "always on" notebook sharing.  The application has been designed to run on a very modest baseline system such as a Mac Mini running either Tiger or Leopard.  Although we call it a server (a non-stop application service), the software doesn't require an actual server system and can be managed remotely from any browser on any system.


NoteShare Server can handle at least 36 or more simultaneous users working on the same shared notebook which is ideally suited for classrooms, small offices and workgroups.  In our early testing, users have been using NoteShare Server to share lecture notes, organize projects, write books, collaborate on lesson plans and manage information from a variety of sources for convenient reference.  It's another way to put information at your fingertips.

If you are interested in learning more about NoteShare Server or want to test-drive it first, make sure you either subscribe to this blog's feed or you're already receiving our mailing list messages which we use to post new product announcements.

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