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November 06, 2007

New release day

We've updated both NoteTaker and NoteShare today.  They are free upgrades for all registered users.  Both public releases support Leopard (CoverFlow) and come with a new plug-in that you can optionally install if you're now using Leopard. 

We do expect there will be additional updates in the coming months since Leopard is just now being adopted among our user community which means there will be some issues and new bugs that we missed during our development and beta-testing cycle.  Leopard is a very visual OS and we think it offers a lot of value to users who are switching or planning to upgrade.

In the coming months, we'll be talking about new releases and products.  Make sure you're either subscribing to our RSS feeds (What's New or our company's blog) or you're signed-up to received our mailings (it's opt-in only).  Next up, NoteShare Server for OS X.

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