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August 13, 2007

NoteShare Express delivers instant, live notebook viewing

Today we officially released NoteShare Express 1.0 as a free add-on technology for all NoteShare users.  In a nutshell, it enables non-NoteShare users to view and access shared notebooks from their browser.  This means that NoteShare users can be working in real-time on a shared notebook while NoteShare Express viewers are actually seeing the changes and edits as they happen; all from their web browser.  No software to install.  Just simple browser access to view a live, shared notebook site.  And all the same security, encryption and password protection to NoteShare spaces  and notebook documents are supported in NoteShare Express.

Try NoteShare Express now by clicking on this link.

Why a cross-platform notebook viewing solution?
One of our early NoteShare users asked how they could allow non-NoteShare users in their research lab to view their lab notebook documents especially those researchers in the organization with Windows and Linux systems.  Enter NoteShare Express.  Within minutes, they were conducting real-time meetings using NoteShare Express to enable non-NoteShare users to access and view the live notebooks during meetings.  Additionally, this life sciences customer has also been running NoteShare non-stop as essentially their notebook server (more about this in my next post).  This means that NoteShare Express provides convenient viewing access to the shared notebooks 24x7 which is an essential workflow requirement for many of our customers especially when its collaboration-based research and data collection.  And naturally, all of the security features of NoteShare are supported in NoteShare Express.

AquaMinds Summer Update Report
We've been really, really busy with new development.  NoteShare Express is the first of a series of new releases that will coming at the end of 2007 and early 2008.  All of which will result in an AquaMinds cross-platform offering for both server and desktop product lines.    Next up is NoteShare Server which is going beta at the end of this month.  Summertime has been nice but the busiest ever for our company all around.

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