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May 09, 2007

Productivity Magic: The power of using a shared notebook

We just finished a new video for the AquaMinds Demo Theater which will premier this week.  As we did with the first video, the entire project (including outlines, meeting notes, brainstorming, research, clippings, schedules, script writing, edits and reviews/changes,) was managed using a shared notebook in NoteShare.    During the project, no one worked in the same physical office.  Everyone on the project was working at a different location but working on the same notebook document.  We "hosted" the shared notebook on a Mac Mini so team members could access the project information anytime, anywhere. 

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Keeping Everything Organized Automatically
One of the more interesting aspects of this project has been the ease at which we've been managing the video versions and changes.  Instead of sending around new video segments via email and then waiting for the usual back and forth replies, we managed the entire review process in one shared notebook.  In this way, comments and edits were always being added and organized in context with the actual video being reviewed.  Not only did this improve the review cycles but we could easily go back and review what had been said by team members.  We still used email for sending around notifications or reminders but little or no production content was exchanged in email.    The result is that our video project binder is a "living" archive of our work while also a reference document of our editorial process and design. 

A Smarter Way To Work
Which brings us to the main point of using a shared notebook; it's just a smarter way to work and collaborate with  your team while sharing information in a snap.  And what kinds of teams use NoteShare?  Sales teams,  life science researchers, small office workgroups, creative teams (music, film, advertising, entertainment), consultants, small businesses, study groups, educators, students and just about any project team that wants to get organized.  It's truly productivity magic when your team is working on the same notebook.

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