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January 25, 2007

Shared Notebooks and Outlines - a Collaborative Way of Thinking and Working

As we look back on the past year, it's a perfect time to note where we started and where we are headed as 2007 arrives.  It was on January 1, 2006 when James Fallows first wrote in The New York Times about NoteShare.  We had just finished testing the alpha version of our new software and were engaging early adopters in very intensive beta rounds of testing.  Fallows himself had a firsthand look as a remote user at how easy it was to begin sharing and working on the same notebook with another remote NoteShare user.

And yes, we were not the first to deliver a shared environment or a collaborative platform as the article pointed out.  However, NoteShare introduced "point to point" sharing of complex, compound documents in the form of notebooks.    This is still true today, NoteShare is organized around notebook documents that are not merely a single page of text but a collection of rich media content displayed as pages and sections.  Because any NoteShare user can both share and view, collaboration happens anywhere and anytime when using NoteShare.   

This year, our goal is to deliver NoteShare technology and notebook sharing to as many platforms as possible.  NoteShare 1.5 for OS X will be released very soon which enables multiple editors to work on the same notebook at the same time without any need to grab the edit pen.

Next up, we'll be releasing NoteShare Express Viewer, a free add-on technology that will make it much easier to publish notebooks to webtops and desktops as interactive documents.  Shared notebooks will be easily viewable (and live) from any browser running on Windows, Linux and even OS X.  And finally, we'll begin to introduce cross-platform solutions for editing shared notebooks everywhere.  We will enable multiple users on multiple platforms sharing and collaborating at the same time (and shifted time) to enhance personal as well as team productivity. 

When you're using NoteShare, you're engaged in a very dynamic process of sharing and communicating among friends, family and co-workers.  If you're using NoteShare today, you're already gaining the benefits of using social software.  Sharing "your" notebooks and outlines is truly a collaborative way of thinking and working.

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