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December 01, 2006

NoteShare Technology Preview - concurrent editing delivers more shared productivity

No more waiting for the editing pen to begin working on a page in a shared notebook. We've just made NoteShare 1.4 (Preview Release) exclusively available to all NoteShare registered users for early access and evaluation.  In a nutshell, the NoteShare 1.4 Preview supports concurrent editing of multiple notebook pages by multiple authors within the same shared notebook at the same time.  Concurrent notebook editing allows teams to quickly and seamlessly assemble, aggregate, collaborate, share and communicate knowledge and information, anytime, anywhere.

Beyond Wikis, Way Beyond
Additionally, the NoteShare 1.4 Preview version provides support for selective control and access of pages and sections via read-only status.  The owner of a shared notebook (teacher, project leader, team editor, manager) has complete control over which sections and pages are available for group editing.  Once a page or section is deemed complete or "publication ready", the owner of the shared notebook can easily and quickly assign Read-only status to the selection as needed.  NoteShare provides access to rich content and multimedia like no other solution.  With NoteShare, your team can now communicate, stay organized and share knowledge 24x7 with all the richness and flexibility of a desktop application integrated with real-time, shared access.

What's coming next?
In the coming weeks, we'll be releasing NoteShare Express Viewer (rapid cross-platform publication of shared notebooks) and then followed by NoteShare 1.5, the official release of concurrent editing of shared notebooks.  After that, the introduction of NoteShare Server in early 2007, our turn-key solution for dedicated hosting of shared notebook documents.    And that's just for the first quarter of 2007.  There's more to come.

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