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October 22, 2005

SYPC - web search and new page as NoteTaker power duo

Much of my daily use of NoteTaker revolves around searching, gathering and locating information.  But it has to be convenient in-order to be efficient and this is when creating a power duo on the Toolbar becomes a "subtle yet powerful combination" or "SYPC" for short.    Currently, my favorite "SYPC" is the side-by-side arrangement of the New Page button and the Web Search Field on my notebook's Toolbar. 

Whenever I need to do a new web search,  I typically open my research notebook from the Dock using a Page Mark and then press the New Page button on the Toolbar to get started with a blank page.  I then perform my searches selecting a search service from the Web Search box pull-down list as needed, type my search string and watch as my web search results begin to appear in my notebook.  From here I can both archive or clip and annotate the results as needed to reference later.  But it's now in my research notebook. 

Everything I need to search web sites and feeds is right at my fingertips.  There are other SYPCs like this but this is my daily favorite and one of the many reasons NoteTaker has enhanced my research workflow.

October 18, 2005

NoteTaker Users - We're a global community and growing

Yes, we really were that busy over the summer. Our last post (at the end of June) marked the much-anticipated release of NoteTaker 1.9.8. Since then, we’ve been working on a maintenance update scheduled for release in the next few weeks. It addresses OS 10.4 issues, improves Javascript compatibility in web-page entries, delivers broader RSS feed support and introduces a new XSLT plug-in for transforming NTML to XHTML during export.

Please note that NoteTaker 1.9.9 will be the final release that runs on OS 10.2.8. Future releases will require OS 10.3.x or higher. Like previous updates, NoteTaker 1.9.9 is free to all registered NoteTaker users. Since we’re approaching our third birthday as a new software company, it’s fitting to reach yet another milestone in terms of OS X support.

Before talking about the future, I want to share some facts about our community of NoteTaker users. For starters, you’re a geographically diverse group, found in Australia, Asia, North American, South America, Europe, Africa and possibly Mars (after all, Jet Propulsion Laboratories is also an AquaMinds customer).  Further, we clearly have a large user community in K-12 education as well as in universities. And, as The New York Times pointed out, many life science labs use NoteTaker, with medical researchers organizing their work in digital notebooks.

And in music and the arts NoterTaker plays a critical role in the creation of movie and TV scripts, film direction and even the management of artists. It’s humbling and rewarding to see the creativity and energy of NoteTaker users—but you would expect nothing less from owners of OS X.  NoteTaker is an amazing platform in the hands of innovators worldwide.

  Many of you have written to us about how much you enjoy using our Dashboard widgets—especially MegaSearch, which is incomparable in its depth and range of results. Some users have even suggested that MegaSearch be considered for various product-of-the-year awards. Be assured that we will continue to leverage the exciting technologies Apple has built into OS X. And as expected, NoteTaker will support any future hardware running OS X.

In the coming months, you’re going to hear more about new AquaMinds product innovations and announcements. We’re gearing up for a very busy 2006.  As always, we truly appreciate your support and feedback.