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June 29, 2005

And now for something completely different

Podcasting with NoteTaker and your .Mac account
A simple and elegant approach for sharing audioblogs and voice presentations.

The importance of NoteTaker's built-in Voice Memo feature to our users is not lost on us. Ad hoc voice recording is one of the most under-rated productivity features of laptop computers. Our own experience has proven that's it's invaluable for capturing meeting discussions, classroom presentations and even to collect streaming audio sources via Soundflower (a very cool system plug-in worth downloading).

Efficient information flow and effective communications, mean that voice-based annotation and feedback commentary is simply unsurpassed in many situations. For teachers and students, voice annotation creates a level of personal interaction and reflection not found in written commentary and traditional document mark-up. And NoteTaker makes it easy to record and capture voice and audio input wherever and whenever needed. From the language lab to classroom readings, the human voice adds a dimension of richness to one's learning experience.

Podcasting goes mainstream with iTunes
Apple is once again bringing useful technology to their user community by incorporating podcasting features and services into a new version of iTunes scheduled for release in the near future. Podcasts will be easier to locate and listen to collect by and stored in iTunes. But creating diverse and interesting podcasting content will require better, more convenient tools for everyday users. Fortunately, NoteTaker provides the basic, easy-to-use capabilites for creating your own podcast or recording.

Create a podcast in two easy steps
Our built-in Voice Memo technology makes podcast creation and playback a natural extension of NoteTaker's incomparable content management capabilities. To create a podcast, just open the Voice Memo panel and begin recording, then select and export the resulting podcast (contained within the NoteTaker outline structure) to either your iDisk "Sites" folder (if you have an .Mac account), or  FTP it to a website hosted by your Internet Service Provider. It's that simple: Truly instant podcasting for the rest of us.  To set up your own podcast creation station, download a copy of our new Simple Podcast Creation kit.

Listen to podcasts using NoteTaker
Since we make the creation of a basic podcast so simple, we decided to make the playback of a podcast using NoteTaker just as convenient. If you open to a feed page like Stardate then you'll see how easy it is to listen to podcasts or download them for later review directly from within NoteTaker.  You'll see a Listen button and a Download button whenever available.  Pressing the Listen button will begin playing the podcast in iTunes immediately.  Using the Download option, you can then keep a copy of the file and import into iTunes.   

If you've got a NoteTaker podcast example you would like to share with us, just send the link or the file to innovation@aquaminds.com and we'll consider using it to inspire other NoteTaker podcasters!