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May 24, 2005

More NoteTaker Power:

We have released a free NoteTaker update this past month which sets yet another incomparable innovation milestone for our company and our users.  By taking advantage of Tiger's new features, NoteTaker users are benefitting from the latest and greatest OS X technology like no other product in its category.  Truly, we've taken NoteTaker beyond mere Tiger compatibility while delivering exciting new ways to work with the information in your notebooks. 

Automated NoteTaker Workflow 
Having spent most of April and May testing our Automator support and creating new actions and workflows.  I can state with all confidence that NoteTaker 1.9.6 users are getting the best of all worlds; AquaMinds personal information power with Tiger's elegant ease of use.  As one of our beta users remarked to us, NoteTaker + Automator is one of the most exciting combinations since moving to Tiger (aka OS X 10.4).  We couldn't agree more.

Hal, open the iPod playlist.  Hal, open the iPod playlist! 
At this point, Automator, thankfully, is not yet prescient like the runaway Hal 9000 computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey but it's very efficient at what it does do.  One of the first experiments I performed was to put together an Automator workflow that grabs a page from an open notebook, converts the page text to speech, moves the file to iTunes and then updates my iPod when connected.  I don't usually have a need for speech but in this scenario, it's very effective and because of the iPod, it's mobile as well. 

NoteTaker's Automator support adds yet another dimension of both power and elegance to the Tiger user experience.    If you've got a NoteTaker workflow you would like to share with us, contact us at feedback@aquaminds.com and we'll certainly consider making it available to other NoteTaker users.

Next month - Part 2 - Dashboard philosophy - new widgets from AquaMinds