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April 26, 2005

The Concept is the Search:

The month of April has a been busy time for us as we prepare for the introduction of Apple's new Tiger operating system (OS X 10.4).  NoteTaker 1.9.6 will be released the week following Tiger's official release on Friday, April 29th. 

The update will include a separate NoteTaker plug-in for Apple's new desktop search program called Spotlight.  Spotlight itself is a search system that is available system-wide from the main menu bar.  However, in order for Spotlight to index and search third party application files, it requires an application specific plug-in such as the one we're introducing for NoteTaker. 

Spotlight is fast, convenient and compelling in its own right.  It doesn't do everything you might expect or want from a desktop search application but it's a very impressive first step in the right direction.  Personally, I find information on the Internet or locate information in another notebook, by searching from within NoteTaker.  Spotlight enables something entirely different in that it searches all files (based on preferences and Spotlight plug-ins) and then allows for further sifting and filtering of the results list based on attributes such as data, type or other metadata label tags.

What is most appealing is that you now have the ability to group or locate related information across all of your files, including email messages (I use Apple's Mail application), other documents, et al.  Combined with Tiger's Smart Folders, the idea of searching and finding information by concept or association is much easier now. 

Brain scientists and researchers have shown that the human mind deploys various search strategies for memory recall based on the use of concepts and associations.  NoteTaker's built-in outline processor (hierarchical structure), indexing and familiar notebook metaphor are a powerful memory system made even more powerful in combination with Tiger's Spotlight desktop search.    A concept I've been searching for years.