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February 24, 2005

The new "information alchemy" - combining data, tools and scripts

Cognition, knowledge, noesis -- (the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning). 

Noesis is an interesting word and not one I would have found on my own or thought of spontaneously. In fact, thanks to another user, I promptly applied NoteTaker's built-in Web Search box (Toolbar) to this task of finding a related word by directing my idea search to a rather clever web-based dictionary site (which is now part of my set of Web Search box sites). The dictionary site is a power site if you will, for writers, students and experts in lexicon. Through this process of combining NoteTaker data, tools and scripts,  I magically arrived at the discovery of "noesis" without ever leaving my notebook blogging page. The real power is in the context of my use, which in this case is the notebook page that has become the transformed blog page you're now reading. 

It's no secret that AquaMinds' product vision from day one has always focused on providing tools, scripts and technologies for users to customize their use of NoteTaker.  We're especially excited about our new plug-in component architecture that allows users to create entirely new ways of working with their information. With each NoteTaker update, subtle yet powerful changes and additions have been delivered, enabling more user control, more user customization and more flexibility in using information in new ways. 

In the weeks ahead, we'll be featuring examples of how developers and educators are using NoteTaker to deliver new forms of interactive content using our plug-in component architecture. These unique and compelling new NoteTaker applications truly represent the new "information alchemy".