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January 12, 2005

The power and potential of NoteTaker plug-in components

This past weekend, AquaMinds launched NoteTaker 1.9 to the enthusiastic acclaim of its user community. Hats off to our development team led by Michael McNabb, AquaMinds' VP of Technology.  We also want to thank key third-party developers and component authors who have helped make our technology preview a reality.

NoteTaker 1.9 is the most significant technology-driven update we've delivered in the two years since we first introduced NoteTaker 1.0 (December 2002).  Our team has delivered many "firsts" in the information processing category from 1-Step Web Notebook™ creation to NTML (our XML-based file export solution) and now, a dynamic, plug-in component architecture.  What makes NoteTaker's plug-in component architecture so compelling is that it leverages an abundant and widely supported source of software in the form of Java™ applets. For our many users in education, research and science, it's truly something unique yet essential in their pursuit of delivering more interactive, relevant content to their students, colleagues and fellow researchers.  The imagination soars with possibilities.

NoteTaker 1.9 itself comes with five free example plug-in components that demonstrate the potential as well as the power of this new dynamic technology.  Users can look forward to greater personalization and customization of  their NoteTaker applications using plug-in components, interactive content and mini-applications. For example, our own DBQuery plug-in fetches live database reports from remote servers such as MySQL, FileMaker and Oracle.

For interested developers, consultants and designers, we have launched a new web site that features an in-depth interview with the chief architect of our new technology, Michael  McNabb.  Additionally, we're providing a free software development kit (SDK) that documents the API.  Visit and browse the developer page now at www.aquaminds.com/developer.jsp and learn how to get started.

If you have an idea for a new NoteTaker component or mini-application, send us feedback at www.aquaminds.com/feedback.jsp and we'll add it to our future plug-in list.