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December 28, 2004

It just works

As we get ready to launch NoteTaker 1.9, the team is also preparing to launch a company weblog for public release.  To create and manage the new weblog we're using a combination of tools and technologies.  For the weblog system, we are using Six Apart's MovableType (MT) running on the company server. 

For the actual content management, authoring, organization and editorial research, we're using NoteTaker.  For staging posts and managing the live weblog, we are using ecto 2 (Ecto web site).  The glue that connects NoteTaker to ecto is a free AppleScript example that we created to make all this possible.  The result is a very quick and easy way to use NoteTaker while seamlessly integrating with the weblog itself.

For those planning a blog or thinking about how to manage one, check out Kevin Sheridan's very insightful site devoted to blogging with NoteTaker.  All things about leveraging NoteTaker for blogging.